ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker

Ep 11 | Get Promoted and Get More of What You Want With Michael Wenderoth [ Season 2 ]

April 25, 2022 Mike Acker
ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker
Ep 11 | Get Promoted and Get More of What You Want With Michael Wenderoth [ Season 2 ]
Show Notes

Networking is a competence for every employee or entrepreneur looking to advance their career. The better you are at building relationships, the higher your chances of getting yourself promoted. Also, the expertise to build relationships can be learned. It's a skill you can develop, as will be discussed in this episode of the Advance podcast.

In this episode, Mike speaks with Michael about competence and incompetence in business. While many of us are looped in thought that repeatedly questions another's competence, we fail to notice how to use the thinking for the better and see what we can do better personally. Learn how to do that and how to also build the two most necessary competencies in the world today: communication and networking. 

Listen up for Michael's 3-part framework and their take on whether networking is positive or negative!


What is meant when people say incompetence prevails?


A lot of it has to do with blaming. There are a lot of primary skills to be learned from it.

How can we pull this talk around incompetence for the better?


  1. The first point is to be curious. Take a look at it and learn from those who’re called incompetent.


  1. Look at yourself. Think about what you could be doing better or the skills you could learn to improve yourself. 

What are some competencies that get you promoted?


Communication - It’s what goes into the making and sustaining of healthy relationships.

Networking - It’s what helps things happen. Your ability to navigate a company for its resources matters and happens in the form of networking.

How can you go about networking without coming across as unfair or negative?


If you use your networking to get your team the resources it needs or helps it grow by building meaningful relationships, you’re also given respect for your effort. Networking done in that manner or for that purpose isn’t remotely close to dirty.

What does it mean to develop your pathway to be promoted?


It’s about building healthy relationships and creating influence. Some people call it self-promoting, while some others call it internal marketing. Networking helps build relationships with key people. That could be called politics in some form, but what matters is how it helps you grow.

Can you talk a little about your 3-part framework?


In short, the 3-part framework says,

  1. Rock - It’s all about getting real.
  2. Map - It’s about getting strategic.
  3. Snowball - It’s about getting done. Your endeavor starts snowballing only once you start doing.

What is meant by power?


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Michael Wenderoth is an Executive Coach that helps leaders ethically leverage power and politics to ascend. He has written for Harvard Business Review, Forbes and is the author of the book, Get Promoted: What You're Really Missing at Work That's Holding You Back. Prior to becoming an executive coach, Michael served 20 years in senior roles on break-through businesses in the U.S., China, and Europe. Michael holds an MBA from Stanford Business School and trained as an executive coach at Columbia University.