ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker

Ep 14 | Strategy, Multiplication, and Breakthrough with Simon Severino [ Season 2 ]

May 30, 2022 Mike Acker
ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker
Ep 14 | Strategy, Multiplication, and Breakthrough with Simon Severino [ Season 2 ]
Show Notes

If your business is struggling to keep pace with the rapidly changing digital landscape, today's episode would teach you how the agile method of working was invented to help you overcome it.

Join Mike in this episode of the Advance Podcast as he interviews Simon Severino, a Business Strategy Advisor for SaaS or Services Businesses. Simon shares the common bottlenecks entrepreneurs experience in their journeys and how to overcome them using the methods explained in his book, Strategy Sprints: 12 Ways to Accelerate Growth for an Agile Business. Discussing first-hand the essential habits and methodologies for business growth, acceleration, and development, Simon helps you prepare for the highly volatile, high rate of change working environment using the modern agile ways of working.


What are some habits you can implement to overcome the common bottlenecks experienced by entrepreneurs in their journey?


  1. Allocating time for the right thing - Have a daily habit, a weekly habit, and a monthly habit. Your daily habit reflects on how you're allocating your time.


  1. The weekly habit is reflecting on the information – creating a dashboard of marketing numbers, sales numbers, and others from different departments.


  1. The monthly habit is to be your strategy call. Think: Are you doing the right thing at the right pace? What are your competitors doing? What else can your customers do if they don't work with you? 

How do you distinguish speed and velocity?


Velocity means speed including direction. The distinction intends to ask: how many people have a clear vision of where they're heading in the next three years? Without vision, you might be running a super-fast marathon in the wrong direction. Have your vision written down for the next three years, ninety days.

What are the benefits of having your vision written down?


Simplification, de-risking, revenue increase, and increase in employee motivation are a few of the many benefits of writing down your vision for the next few weeks, months, and years. 

How do you distinguish agile and rigid methods?


Agile methods help you combine or recombine the same elements whenever they are needed, and it's simple to do so. Agility means you have the same rate of change inside as outside. 

If your rate of change inside is lower than the rate of change outside, then you are not agile; you are rigid. You'll encounter problems in the supply chain, geopolitics, market volatility, and the like, meaning you won't be able to navigate the business for longer.

How do you make the big decisions in life?


Stay in nature for as long as you want without a goal. Let the answer come to you in a moment of clarity. Center yourself; when you have clarity, you get to sprint from there.



“Sprint is a very specific method. It focuses on agility and resilience because that's what you need in tough times.”