ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker

Ep 16 | Accept or Solve Conflict to do Better and Feel Better at Work With Liz-Kislik [ Season 2 ]

May 31, 2022 Mike Acker
ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker
Ep 16 | Accept or Solve Conflict to do Better and Feel Better at Work With Liz-Kislik [ Season 2 ]
Show Notes

It's not always easy to get things done, especially when people have different opinions or when they disagree on the organizational goals or processes. Most of us would rather avoid conflicts and arguments, but there are enough reasons you should sometimes not, which we're exploring today.

Join Mike in this episode of the Advance Podcast as he interviews Liz Kislik, a consultant, coach, speaker, facilitator, and contributor to Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. She speaks with Mike about the need for conflicts in the workplace and how to conduct them in a healthy way. She most importantly discusses how to have difficult conversations without patronizing any of the parties involved so you can come back to them later also. Conflicts, she shares, are necessary as they help represent different views and opinions. Often, the most worthy reasons and suggestions are revealed through them only. Listen in!


How can you explain our aversion to conflicts?


Firstly, any conflict generally brings some discomfort, which no person would want to invite into their life. Secondly, we fear hurting another person. We fear being seen as the bad person.

Why are conflicts sometimes necessary?


Despite the differences, you get to represent and acknowledge suggestions and opinions. Sometimes, getting to the worthy reasons too requires conflict.

How do you resolve conflicts in the workplace with someone senior to you?


Don’t just rely on the data, but use a good story to back it up. Data and story work hand in hand.

What are some deal-breakers in dealing with conflict?


Don’t insult anybody. Don’t speak to anyone in patronizing ways. Try to avoid such conversations until you’re ready to preserve the ability to go back.

What are the most common conflicts in workplaces?


The most common conflicts in workplaces are due to irreconcilable goals. This is when different departments have different goals and cannot resolve their differences together.

What are the three things you can do to handle conflicts healthily?


  1. Just because you think it’s not fair doesn’t mean it actually isn’t.


  1. Manage yourself so that you can always go back to a conversation.


  1. If you find yourself in a conflict that is moral for you, where you know what’s happening is wrong but still hard to come to the surface, find someplace that’s better for you.



“Sometimes, the only thing you can do is preserve for yourself the right to come back again.”


“The other thing that can happen with pride or ego might be another way to call is that, sometimes, (when) people think it's not worth it, this person's pride or ego will be affected.”


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