ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker

Ep 17 | Growing Confidently Amidst Doubt, Uncertainty, and Unease with Amy Wong [ Season 2 ]

June 13, 2022 Mike Acker
ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker
Ep 17 | Growing Confidently Amidst Doubt, Uncertainty, and Unease with Amy Wong [ Season 2 ]
Show Notes

Many of us are living in fear: fear of something in the future or regret and resentment about things in the past. However, if we live in the present moment, we can achieve peace of mind despite any uncertainty.

Amy Wong joins Mike in this episode of the Advance Podcast to discuss how to live in the present and on purpose. Amy explains the cause of our dissatisfaction, resentment, and anxiety in life and shares some actionable insights on overcoming them, which she has also discussed in her book, Living On Purpose. Amy also talks about the link between our primary objective at any moment and fear. She explains how to live a fearless life by working on understanding and reinforcing your primary objective with compassion and dedication.


How prevalent is Imposter Syndrome in America?


Imposter Syndrome is more prevalent than most of us admit. There's so much shame wrapped around it that people find it hard to accept they've experienced something like that. 

How can you find peace amid this time of uncertainty?


Anxiety lies in our thoughts about the future; it is not of the moment. We intend to be three steps ahead or replay what happened in the past that we forget to be in the moment. It takes practice to become present to reduce anxiety levels even during these times of uncertainty.

What can you do to live in the present?


One thing you can do is use mantras to pull you back to what you started with. Another thing is meditation. It helps you stay present throughout the day.

How can you find more purpose and meaning in life?


In the end, all that we want is a desired feeling. Finding meaning is about asking yourself how you want to feel about your job, role, or responsibilities.  

How can people become more fearless in life, business, and relationships?


We all have a primary objective at any moment. Due to our psychology and neurobiology, that objective shifts to something that doesn't usually serve us sometimes. Nervousness is a symptom of an unintentional stance at any moment. If you're feeling scared or nervous at any moment, it's because of this shift in your primary objective. It takes a lot of compassion to claim that stance back. You've to channel your eloquence, innovation, and creativity in a productive way to live a bold, powerful life.

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