ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker

Ep 18| Discover Your Leadership Style to Make or Break Your Career with Robert Jordan [ Season 2 ]

July 04, 2022 Mike Acker
ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker
Ep 18| Discover Your Leadership Style to Make or Break Your Career with Robert Jordan [ Season 2 ]
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Have you ever considered what kind of leader you are or would make? Do you work best under chaos, or are you someone who works best when things are clear? Can you multitask? 


Whatever your leadership type, this episode would be helpful for you. In this episode of the Advance podcast, Mike interviews Robert Jordan about the four different styles of leadership he has described in his book, ‘Right Leader, Right Time’. You’ll learn what makes the four kinds of leaders, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they benefit an organization. 




Why do some big leaders fail?




It’s because after doing one thing well, they assume they can make each other great too. That’s not true of any human being, not just leaders. Also, they don’t bring another person to run a different lane. They keep in the same lane that made them famous or successful in the first place. 


What are the four leadership styles, according to Robert?




The four leadership styles include:

●      Fixer: A fixer is someone who keeps on running in to fix things. So once they've had a successful experience, like, fixing a client relationship, a division, a company, a community or industry, and it has reached the state it had to, they are going to get bored, and they need to move on to the next troubled situation.

●      Builder: A builder is great at building systems, processes, products, services, and people and taking a small team to a dominant position. Once that is achieved, they will get bored, and most builders will seek the next product company with which to scale again.

●      Artist: Artists see the world as a blank canvas. They are driven to create, sometimes at their own peril. Maybe it's the risk of career, fame, money, or just a creative urge to get satisfied.

●      Strategist: A strategist is a leader who operates at scale. They work in highly complex and large organizations.

What are some strengths and weaknesses of a fixer?


A fixer is very linear in their thinking and way of working. They are laser-focused on the problem at hand. But they cannot have five things happening around them once at the same time. It isn't optimal for their performance.

How does an artist work?


An artist convinces the team, builds a compelling product, case, or service, and gets it ready to be tested in the world. 

How can a leader assess their own strengths and weaknesses?


Listen to podcasts like this to learn leadership from top-level leaders of different companies. There is also a leadership assessment called FEMS leadership assessment – a three-minute profiling test used to determine your leadership style, which you can check out.