ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker

Ep 31 | Be Present

May 31, 2021 Mike Acker Season 1 Episode 31
ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker
Ep 31 | Be Present
Show Notes


One of the most effective skills of a good speaker is their ability to be in the moment while they deliver. Reliving the past or constantly worrying about the future takes away the opportunity of presenting well when you have to.

How do you cultivate the habit of being in the present?

In this episode of the Advance podcast, Mike discusses our tendency to gravitate towards the future or regret past experiences while communicating. We learn how to converge our thoughts to focus on the present and understand the three main stages of professional communication. Listen in!


How do you overcome the fear of public speaking?


To overcome the fear of public speaking, you should embrace the strategy of being in the moment. Do not go reliving the past or think about the future. When it comes to speaking, there are three moments- Preparation, Presentation, and Reflection. 

What are the three stages of your speaking?


  1. Preparation -  Get caught up in the moment while you’re preparing your speech. Discipline your mind and do not think about the moment when you're presenting that information. Think only about preparing that information, about who is giving you that content, all the different particulars of that content, or about how the statistics came. 


  1. Presentation - Be less concerned about how you do and more concerned about what your audience gets across.


  1. Reflection - Reflect on what you delivered. This is important because you are going to have to give another speech at some point in time. And reflecting on your present speech would help then.


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