ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker

Ep 33 | Lead Kids - Teaching Entrepreneurial Skills

August 09, 2021 Mike Acker Season 1 Episode 33
ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker
Ep 33 | Lead Kids - Teaching Entrepreneurial Skills
Show Notes


If you think that your kids cannot understand business fundamentals at a young age, this episode will do the job of flipping your thoughts over.

Teaching your kids basic entrepreneurial skills now could help pave their way for future endeavors. Today, we learn the four simple questions you could ask your children to teach them business fundamentals at an early age and what areas of entrepreneurship you're showing them in the process.

Mike shares exactly how he implemented the idea to teach his son the same. Listen in!


What are the four areas of entrepreneurship that you could show your kids at an early age? What are the questions you could ask them to help them learn the same?


  1. Market Research

Where and what - Ask your kids what opportunities they think lie for them to make use of. Ask them what skills they have to grab the opportunity.

This way, you’re teaching them to do market research. 


  1. Marketing

How -  Ask your kids how they are going to get the word out. Guide them, but also listen to them, make them feel understood.

This is how you’re teaching your kids marketing. You’re teaching them to market their business strategy at a basic level.


  1. Personnel

Who - Discuss with your kids who is going to do the job of putting their word out there.

This way, you are teaching them about involving different people in the business.


  1. Finance

Show them that once they get their work done, they’re going to get paid for it. We’ll discuss more about this in the next episode!



“Be careful here that as a parent, as a business leader, as someone who's an adult, you don't trump their enthusiasm, and you don't fix the problem for them.”


“Don't limit your kids at whatever level they're at, don't say they're just kids. When we do that we are shortening their leadership, just like if you're running an organization, you say, Oh, well, he's just this role. Don't cap out their potential. I'm all about realizing people's potential.”


“If we get money that we didn't pay for sometimes without the right mindset, it throws off our mindset for the regular work that we do. It shifts it and I don't want to shift it away from him understanding money.”



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