ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker

Ep 36 | Ease Anxiety and Fear in Speaking, Leadership, & Life

August 30, 2021 Mike Acker Season 1 Episode 36
ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker
Ep 36 | Ease Anxiety and Fear in Speaking, Leadership, & Life
Show Notes


One of the things that keep you from being a great public speaker is anxiety. We invest so much of our energy thinking over and over the worst-case scenarios and in the process, fall short of giving our best each time.

In this episode, Mike talks about easing our anxiety during public speaking. He shares four highly useful strategies to improve our speaking. And the best part? These apply to events of any scale, be it high-profile interviews, online meetings or large gatherings.


What are the four ways to ease anxiety when speaking?


1. Practice off-stage

The first step is to practice off-stage what you are going to present on stage. 

It also involves practicing breath control - not doing so could trigger your anxiety and make you lose focus.


2. Practice Dirty

Often, when we practice our speech, we picture an ideal environment. That may not be the case during the actual presentation. That is why we need to practice dirty. 

"Practicing dirty" means imagining the worst-case scenarios and being prepared to deal with them. Practicing doesn't necessarily refer to speaking; it includes everything that comes along with it- breathing, smiling, pronunciations, pauses, and the like.


3. Listen to the experts

We often give in to the fear of others' opinions. However, an expert's view would do you more good than the audience's view.

Most people read the room wrong and jump to conclusions. To eliminate this, we need professional advice.


4. Dig out your strategy

You need to educate yourself about the various strategies out there and choose one that works the best for you.

What are some other tips to reduce your anxiety while public speaking?


If you feel like your anxiety or stress is intense, you could always consult a doctor. You could even try taking supplements to take the edge off your stress. One such supplement is Pure Calm



“The problem is that people don't know how to breathe. So if you learn how to breathe and practice breathing offstage, when you're on stage, breathing becomes a part of your regular rhythm. It's just part of what you do. A lot of times this simple strategy of breathing to release some of your anxiety becomes cumbersome.”


“It's not practice that makes perfect, but it's perfect practice that makes perfect. The more you do it right, the more confident you are going to be when you perform.”


“Correct your thoughts with the right actions. Ultimately, those actions lead to emotions, and action again leads to the thought.”





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