ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker

Ep 41 | Most People Don't... But You Do - Bart Berkey shares his wisdom!

October 04, 2021 Mike Acker Season 1 Episode 41
ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker
Ep 41 | Most People Don't... But You Do - Bart Berkey shares his wisdom!
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Hospitality is an increasingly competitive field, with success almost entirely dependent on human connection. If you want to know how to achieve success in this field, this episode is for you.

Today, Mike interviews Bart Berkey, the winner of the 2021 best luxury hospitality award, keynote speaker and host of the podcast, Most People Don't, But You Do. Bart shares his experience working and soaring in the industry, the importance of developing empathy, accountability, ability to prioritize, and flexibility. He also shares his latest book, Most People Don't (And Why You Should), which currently resides in the top 1% of book sales on Amazon!


What does it mean to be incredible in hospitality?


To do well in the hospitality sector requires you to be empathetic. It's always about the customer, the client, the guests - you have to make others feel comfortable. In a study done previously, it was found that approximately 80% of people are not predisposed to being empathetic. To be able to get into the mindset of doing things for other people is a great trait you need to have if you want to be successful in the business.

If you’re someone rising through and want to make gains, how do you start shifting the culture to one more of customer service and hospitality?


Be empathetic to others - it's going to make you feel good, and it's going to make the recipient feel good. The same thing happens when you're creating this culture within an organization. If you’re doing good for your customers, you feel good about it and they receive it well. It will spread positivity throughout the organization. It will also lead to more engagement, customer loyalty, and revenue. 

Can you unpack some of your life principles?


I believe that it’s important to differentiate yourself from others always. If you can do what most people are not doing, it's going to differentiate you.

Secondly, you need to take action. You can remain unfocused and unmotivated tomorrow by doing absolutely nothing. But if you want to become fit, if you want to become motivated, you need to take steps to get better, which requires doing. 

Three other important principles I talk about are accountability, priority, and flexibility. You need to have these to be successful. 

How do you find balance in the middle of doing?


Is there anything else that you want to share with us today?


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