ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker

Ep 42 | Negotiation, Mediation, and Communication with Rosalie Fisher

October 11, 2021 Mike Acker Season 1 Episode 42
ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker
Ep 42 | Negotiation, Mediation, and Communication with Rosalie Fisher
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What makes communication so tricky in conflicted and diverse settings? Why do we get awkward or angry? Why do we get easily threatened and frustrated? What can we do about it? 

To answer these questions (and much more!), Rosalie Fisher joins Mike on this episode of Advance Podcast. Dr. Rosalie Fisher is a professor at Arizona State University and has done training and events worldwide, including several organizations and communities. Rosalie discusses how to connect art and engagement, communicating effectively amid diversity, and her work with the National Conflict Resolution Center. 

Tune in to learn the golden nuggets to effective communication from Rosalie Fisher!


How do you connect art and social engagement?


I've taken my background in art and used it as a catalyst for stimulating more engagement, more community dialogue events, and studying the impact that dialogue has on human behavior, human perspectives, and their perception of others. I think something for me, what embodies the artistic experience, is how it differentiates itself from what we've gotten used to with the internet. The internet has had a lot of damaging consequences on us. 

You've heard probably everywhere about the echo chamber effect - that says when we have a certain perspective and we share it on the internet, it causes that same perspective to come back at us, whether it's in the form of the news we take in, or the communication, the groups and the forums we're a part of or the things we're reading. So we've gotten away from that ability to communicate face to face, communicate through differences, and despite disagreements, see that human aspect of communication that has been hidden behind the screen. 

Merging the artists' performances, films, and other things can bring people together in conversation - when they have different perspectives, have different lived experiences, and learn that communication does not have to equate to conflict or that differences do not have to equate to hostility. We're bringing humility back to communication.

What led you to work with the National Conflict Resolution Center?


What are some key communication strategies we can have when we get into a conflict?


Can you talk a little about diversity training?

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