ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker

Ep 44 | From Plan to Market with Tim Fitzpatrick (part 1)

November 01, 2021 Mike Acker & Tim Fitzpatrick Season 1 Episode 44
ADVANCE: Take Your Next Step with Mike Acker
Ep 44 | From Plan to Market with Tim Fitzpatrick (part 1)
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It’s rare to find someone who isn’t aware of the importance of marketing today -- be it their brand, message, business, or even themselves. But how informed are we when it comes to discovering, growing or expanding our target audience?

Tim Fitzpatrick joins Mike in this episode of the Advance Podcast to provide actionable insight for businesses or entrepreneurs to find, understand, and work with their target audiences. We’ll explore marketing fundamentals, how to find our unique selling point, and ways to scale our business to a significant measure. Listen in!

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What is meant by the target market?


The target market refers to the people you're going to serve. The vast majority of us work with clients who're not a good fit for us, which is not only not fun but is also not profitable in the long run. The broader your client base, the greater the chances of getting the wrong clients. That is why it's essential to narrow down and be specific about the people you market.

Any suggestions for people who cannot choose to be specific about their clients?


It might not be possible for everyone to have a filtered client base. But not being specific has its drawbacks -- you run into problems more often. In any case, it’s essential to measure your non-negotiables before figuring out whether to move forward or not.

How can people discover their unique selling point?


To discover their unique selling point, people need to find out what they’re good at. They also need to see what problem they’re helping their client solve.

How do entrepreneurs and business people start with marketing?


Start with your current and past customer base and ask yourself three questions:

●      Who do you enjoy working with?

●      Who are your most profitable customers?

●      Who do you do your best work for?

It will help you have a subgroup of current and past class customers you love working with who are profitable and help you get great results. Your most ideal clients reside within these.

How do you target the people to work with?


Once you've figured the group of customers that you've served that check off the three boxes suggested above, you can start to dig into the psychographics, demographics and how they behave. Their actions, behavior, commonalities, and interests will help you discover your target audience.

How do you grow your target audience?



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